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WIKIVERSITY The Peloponnesian War (by Thucydides)
(Tucidide - Guerra del Peloponneso)
Der Peloponnesische Krieg
Composing free and open
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms
(by Luo Guanzhong)
Die Geschichte der Drei Reiche
(von Luo Guanzhong)

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I am working in the IT business in quality management. Because of this I write/edit some articles about testing/quality. Also see my blog.
The first wiki article I wrote, was kind of much work. I thought at beginning it would take just 30 mins. I had everything prepared in notepad, but there has to be considered many things when writing a wiki-article. And then when I reached the neutrality point, I realized, what I wrote unconsciously in the wiki article. So, lots of work at first, but now with time I get faster :-)