Hi Wikimedia folks, my name is Anisa Kuci, I am Albanian and since May 2020 I am the Coordinator for OpenStreetMap activities at Wikimedia Italia.

I have been active in the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) world since 2012. I am a former member and board member of Open Labs Hackerspace, the first hackerspace in Albania and OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) co-organizer for four consecutive years. I am a former Firefox Student Ambassador and former Outreachy intern with Debian.

I am a member of the Italian OpenStreetMap Community and the Albanian OpenStreetMap community, a member of cOSMopolIT, a group dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion within the Italian OSM community, I am a weeklyOSM editor and a member of the LCCWG (Local Chapters and Communities Working Group) of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

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