Insicurezza alimentare/Traduzione del Decalogo in lingua inglese

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What I have learnt about food and waste: In this semester, in the hours of civic education we mainly talked about food waste. Today, this theme is widespread because the society has started spending more and more. I think it is useful to know this phenomenon because it is necessary to understand that many people in the world struggle to have a hot dish on the table every day while the wealthiest people, even unintentionally, throw away the leftover food. We talked to the girls who are part of the “Magazzini Sociali” association, this association aims to recover the overabundance of food and distribute them to the most needy people. In addition, in one of the meetings we also talked about volunteering by asking people aged 18 to 99 to recover surplus food and distribute it. I believe that volunteering is a behavior towards others helping those who need help.


During the first part of the school year, we've taken part at some events with the association "Magazzini Sociali" who cares about food waste. They've given us some advice to become more responsible and to reduce this problem. I personally hate wasting food, so we sometimes prepare new recipes with the leftovers, for example a pizza with some types of leftover cheeses and baked ham. Another way of not wasting food is to ask for a doggy bag when we go to the restaurant, so we can bring back home the food that we didn't eat. When we go to the supermarket, we should have to buy only the necessary and not other "extra" things. We have to always read the expiration date and eat that meal. We should have to do the shopping only in 0 kilometres markets and buy seasonal fruit and vegetables. In my opinion, everything is important but it's up to us being responsible.

Since we started this project, my behaviour when it comes to food has changed a lot ( although they are small steps and not great actions ). I'm trying to buy food that doesn't come from other parts of the world, and before I leave my house, I have learned to make a shopping list. I have advised everyone to download the app, too, that helps restaurants to sell the products and people to buy them because they are on offer. Now I know that if there's food left, like bread, I can put it in the freezer without throwing it away. I have learned to make new recipes made from scraps, too. I think it is important to talk about food waste, because in addition to wasting less food, there less money wasted and maybe we can use it to do more different food. The thing I liked most was to talk about volunteering and food donation. I also realized that health is really important, but because I used to eat a lot without knowing it. the last thing I have realized is that if I go to a restaurant, I can ask for a doggy bag and take home the food that I have left in my dish.