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Ada è una buona scelta per il [[w:Rapid_application_development|Rapid Application Development]] (Rapido Sviluppo di Applicazioni), [[w:Extreme Programming|Extreme Programming]] (XP), e per lo sviluppo di [[w:Software Libero|Software Libero]].
=== The Language Reference Manual === {{Da wikificareikipedia|ISO 8652}}
The Ada Reference Manual (RM) —full name ''[[w:ISO 8652|Ada Reference Manual, ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E)]]''— is the official language definition. If you have any question and nobody can answer you, you will find something in the RM <small>(albeit often a bit cryptic for non-language-lawyers)</small>. For this reason, all complete <small>(not draft)</small> pages in '''Ada Programming''' contain links into the appropriate pages in the RM.