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[[Immagine:Ada Lovelace 1838.jpg|right|caption|thumbnail|270px|[[w:Ada Lovelace|Augusta Ada King]], Contessa di Lovelace.]]
But still there is always room for improvement — do help us to expand '''Ada Programming'''. Even beginners will find areas to participate.
== About Ada == {{WikipediaDa wikificareikipedia|Ada programming language}}
Ada is a true multi-purpose programming language suitable for all development needs. Ada shares with [[Programming:C plus plus|C++]] the fact that it is "[[w:Programming paradigm|method]]" neutral: it can be used in an [[w:object-oriented programming|OOP <small>(Object-Oriented Programming)</small>]] way, using other development models, or combinations.
Ada is fine for [[w:Rapid_application_development|RAD <small>(Rapid Application Development)</small>]], and is amenable to test driven design —a la [[w:Extreme_Programming|XP <small>(Extreme Programming)</small>]].
=== The Language Reference Manual === {{WikipediaDa wikificareikipedia|ISO 8652}}
The Ada Reference Manual (RM) —full name ''[[w:ISO 8652|Ada Reference Manual, ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E)]]''— is the official language definition. If you have any question and nobody can answer you, you will find something in the RM <small>(albeit often a bit cryptic for non-language-lawyers)</small>. For this reason, all complete <small>(not draft)</small> pages in '''Ada Programming''' contain links into the appropriate pages in the RM.
** http://www.adaic.com/standards/rm-amend/html/RM-TTL.html
=== Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite === {{WikipediaDa wikificareikipedia|ISO 18009}}
Unlike other programming languages, Ada compilers are officially tested and only those which pass this test are accepted for military and commercial work. This means that all Ada compilers behave (almost) the same, so you do not have to learn any dialects. But because the Ada standard allows the compiler writers to include some additions, you could learn a cool new feature only to find out that your favorite compiler does not support it....
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