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==Fonti primarie==
*''Revised Version with Apocrypha and Marginal References'' (1898 & ristampe)
====Logica e metodologia====
[[File:Mainz hebraeisch.jpg|right|250px]]
* Samuel ha-Nagid, ''Mevo ha-Talmud''
* Joseph ben Judah ibn Aknin, ''[ Mevo ha-Talmud]''
* Zerachiah Halevi, ''[ Sefer ha-Tzava]''
* Samson of Chinon, ''[ Sefer ha-Keritut]''
* Jacob Hagiz, ''Teḥillat Ḥochmah'' (includedincluso innelle mostmaggiori editionsedizoni ofdi ''Keritut'')
* Joseph ibn Verga, ''[ She'erit Yosef]''
* Isaac Campanton, ''[ Darche ha-Talmud]''
* Bezalel Ashkenazi, ''[ Kelale ha-Gemara]''
* Yeshu’ah b. Yosef ha-Levi, ''[ Halichot Olam]''
** Joseph Caro, ''[ Kelale ha-Gemara]'' (commentarycommentario ondi ''Halichot Olam'')
** Solomon Algazi, ''[ Yavin Shemu’ah]'' (commentarycommentario ondi ''Halichot Olam'')
* Yisrael Ya'akov Algazi, ''[ Ar'a de-Rabbanan]''
* Serillo, Samuel, ''[ Kelale Shemuel]''
* Horowitz, Isaiah, ''Shene Luchot ha-Berit'' (sezione su ''Torah she-be-al-Pe'')
* Moses Chaim Luzzatto, ''[ Derech Tevunot]'', translatedtrad. into English as{{en}} ''The Ways of Reason'', Feldheim 1988, ISBN 978-0-87306-495-8
** same___, ''Sefer ha-Higgayon'', translatedtrad. into English as{{en}} ''The Book of Logic'', Feldheim 1995, ISBN 978-0-87306-707-2
* de Oliveira, Solomon, ''[ Darche Noam]''
* Malachi ha-Cohen, ''[ Yad Malachi]''
===Il Gesù storico===
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===Altri aspetti della prima cristologia===
==Fonti secondarie introduttive==
[[File:Star on book.gif|right|Bibliography]]
<small>''Alcuni autori appaiono ripetutamente nelle varie sezioni a seconda delle tematiche''</small>
* [[w:E.P. Sanders|E.P. Sanders]], ''Jesus and Judaism'', Fortress, 1987
* [[w:Geza Vermes|Géza Vermès]], ''Jesus the Jew'', Fortress, 1973
==Collegamenti esterni==
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*[[w:Bibliografia su Gesù|Bibliografia su Gesù, ''Wikipedia'']]
*[[w:Wikipedia:Libri/Gesù|Libro Wikipedia su Gesù]]
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