Biografie cristologiche/Bibliografia: differenze tra le versioni

*Apollonius of Laodicea, ''On the Union in Christ of the Body With the Godhead''.
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*''Bible'', various editions and versions
*Eunomius, ''Apology''.
*Eunomius, ''Apology''
*Gregory of Nazianzus, ''Theological Orations''.
*Gregory of Nazianzus, ''Theological Orations''
*Irenaeus, ''Against Heresies''.
*Irenaeus, ''Against Heresies''
*Origen, ''Dialogue With Heracleides''.
*''New Testament'', various editions & versions
*''Nicene Creed''.
*Origen, ''Dialogue With Heracleides''
*Tertullian, ''Against Praxeas''.
*''Nicene Creed''
*Tertullian, ''Against Praxeas''
*''Bibbia'', varie ediz. & versioni, tra cui CEI e La Nuova Diodati
*Flavio Giuseppe, [ ''Antichità Giudaiche'']
*''Nuovo Testamento'', vv. edd.
===Studi biblici===
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===Talmud e studi talmudici===
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====Logica e metodologia====
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