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--[[Utente:Peeragogia|Peeragogia]] ([[Discussioni utente:Peeragogia|disc.]]) 19:02, 23 mar 2013 (CET)
== Margarita ==
Hello Wim, how are you? Could you block the account [[Special:Contributions/Margarita|Margarita]]? It turned out to be a spambot, but it's a non-sul account, so it needs to be checked and blocked on each wiki separately. As of now, I'm unable to [[:m:Global lock|lock]] it and take care of it that way. A checkuser investigation on this wiki confirmed that Margarita is a spambot. Can you help? Kind regards, [[Utente:Mathonius|Mathonius]] ([[Discussioni utente:Mathonius|disc.]]) 17:36, 28 apr 2013 (CEST)