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Nessun oggetto della modifica
While the king's true value is infinite, in terms of its strength as an attacking piece in the endgame it is generally reckoned to be stronger than a knight or bishop but weaker than a rook. Clearly king activity is vital in an endgame.
Da questo possiamo generalizzare che scambiare un alfiere per un cavallo non è di solito favorevole, ma scambiare un alfiere per una torre lo è. Possiamo anche dire che scambiare una regina per 2 torri è un buono scambio per chi perde la regina.
From this we can generalize that trading a bishop for a knight is not usually harmful, but trading a bishop for a rook is. We also see that trading a queen for 2 rooks is a good trade for the side giving up the queen.
That being said, there are several things to consider when looking at the material strength of any particular game: