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[[ImageImmagine:Ada Lovelace 1838.jpg|right|caption|thumbnail|270px|[[w:Ada Lovelace|Augusta Ada King]], Contessa di Lovelace.]]
Current Development Stage for '''Ada Programming''' is "{{stage|75%|Jul 27, 2005}}". At this date, there are more than 200 pages in this book, which makes '''Ada Programming''' the larger of the [[Computer programming|programming]] wikibooks <small>(see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wikistats/wikibooks/EN/Wikibooks_EN.htm wikistats] or [[:Category:Ada Programming]])</small>.
But still there is always room for improvement &mdash; do help us to expand '''Ada Programming'''. Even beginners will find areas to participate.
== About Ada == {{Wikipedia|Ada programming language}}
It has particular strengths for safety-critical and high-reliability applications. But these strengths are useful for any development where there is a wish for "bug free" software.
Ada is fine for [[w:Rapid_application_development|RAD <small>(Rapid Application Development)</small>]], and is amenable to test driven design &mdash;a—a la [[w:Extreme_Programming|XP <small>(Extreme Programming)</small>]].
=== The Language Reference Manual === {{Wikipedia|ISO 8652}}
The Ada Reference Manual (RM) &mdash;full—full name ''[[w:ISO 8652|Ada Reference Manual, ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E)]]''&mdash; is the official language definition. If you have any question and nobody can answer you, you will find something in the RM <small>(albeit often a bit cryptic for non-language-lawyers)</small>. For this reason, all complete <small>(not draft)</small> pages in '''Ada Programming''' contain links into the appropriate pages in the RM.
* You can browse the complete RM for Ada 95 in one of the following sites:
== See also == <!-- When the link list becomes too large we move it off to a separate wiki page -->
* [[Ada Programming/Wikis|AdaWikiRing]] &mdash; A list of Ada Wikis
* [http://www.adapower.com AdaPower] &mdash; Ada Tools and Resources
* [http://www.adaworld.com Ada World] &mdash; A brand new Ada related website
* [http://www.ada-answers.com Ada Answers] &mdash; Building better software with Ada
* [http://www.computer-books.us/ada95.php Computer-Books.us] &mdash; Online Ada books
== Authors and contributors ==
This Wikibook has been written by:
* [[UserUtente:Krischik|Martin Krischik]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/Krischik|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:ManuelGR|Manuel Gómez]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/ManuelGR|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:suruena|Santiago Urueña]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/suruena|Contributions]])
* C.K.W. Grein ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/|Contributions]])
* Bill Findlay ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:Bseidel|B. Seidel]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/Bseidel|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:Sjw|Simon Wright]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/Sjw|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:Alsocal|Allen Lew]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/Alsocal|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:oleszkie|John Oleszkiewicz]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/oleszkie|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:Nikai|Nicolas Kaiser]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/Nikai|Contributions]])
* [[UserUtente:Larry Luther|Larry Luther]] ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/Larry Luther|Contributions]])
* Ed Falis
* Pascal Obry
* Unnamed Hero ([[SpecialSpeciale:Contributions/|Contributions]])
If you wish to contribute as well you should read [[TalkDiscussione:Ada Programming/Contributing|Contributing]] and join us at the [[TalkDiscussione:Ada Programming/Contributors lounge|Contributors lounge]].
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