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==Richieste di autorizzazione in corso / Requests==
* Bot operator: [[User:White Cat]] ([[:Commons:User:White Cat]]) - En-N, Tr-4, Ja-1
* List of botflags on other projects: Bot has a flag on wikimedia (meta,commons) wikipedia (ar, az, de, en, es, et, fr, is, ja, ku, nn, no, ru, sr, tr, uz, simple...) (See: [[m:User:White Cat#Bots]])
* Purpose: Interwiki linking, double redirect fixing, commons delinking (for cases where commonsdelinker fails)
--<small> [[User:White Cat|Cat]]</small> <sup>[[User talk:White Cat|chi?]]</sup> 18:06, 12 mar 2008 (CET)
* Can you make some edits with your bot? In which language does it work? What framework does it use? --[[Utente:Pietrodn|Pietrodn]] · [[Discussioni utente:Pietrodn|«zitto e parla!»]]